Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Birth of a blog

I think I need a blog of some sort.

And behold, I think I just created one. That happened quickly.

It’s not because of a burning ambition to get read. The main reason of creating this is simple: It seems that occasionally I write texts that have no other natural home than an outlet of this sort, and maybe it is worthwhile to save at least some of them from being buried and forgotten. They are texts that do not go directly to academic writing (which is something I do), but are lengthy and/or otherwise unsuitable to be social media posts (which is not something I do much anyway). That last remark actually is one more reason for creating a blog. I am not active in social media, and I am also in general terrible at keeping contact with people. A blog at least provides a way for anyone who is interested to ascertain that I continue to exist. 

About the blog’s name: Although I’ll be writing here in English, the name is in Finnish, mostly because it seems that every single meaningful combination of English words already serves as a name of someone’s blog. It translates to ”Lucien’s Library”. It alludes to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, where Lucien’s Library was a place containing all the books that were never written, but merely dreamed of by their potential authors. That’s where all my books are.

Well, except for my PhD thesis, but I don’t think that qualifies as a real book. Anyway, it exists, dates back to last year, and is called ”The Problem of Other Minds: Themes from Wittgenstein”. Mentioning it merely serves to inform that I do academic philosophy, which may explain the direction of some future content here. Not all of it, however, and maybe not even the most.

I guess that when starting a blog, one also assumes a self-inflicted pressure to write fairly regularly. So, it is probably wise to begin with something infantile enough to set the bar comfortably low. So here goes with the next post, not with much seriousness... 

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